My favorite travel nursing assignment destination

Of all the places I had the chance to visit and explore, San Diego, “America’s Finest City” really won me over.  I took 2 assignments in San Diego and I would go back in a heartbeat!  There is so much to do for those who enjoy the outdoors, which I do.  The weather is always nice and I found myself on the coast and at the beach whenever possible.  Here is a picture I took at Point Loma, which is an amazing place for tide pooling.

Point Loma tide pools and coastline.

Another place near and dear to my heart is Torrey Pines, which is in North County San Diego.  There is a great state beach and nature preserve there and of course The Lodge at Torrey Pines sports a world famous golf course and 5 star resort.  The restaurant at The Lodge is called A.R. Valentien and may be the best I’ve ever experienced.  If you ever have the opportunity to visit don’t miss this place.  Here is a link to The Lodge  and here is a picture I took of a sunset from the beach at Torrey Pines:

Torrey Pines sunset

One of the most amazing things about living in San Diego is that there is beach, ocean, mountains, snow skiing, desert, Mexico, and a large cosmopolitan city all within easy access.  There were days I actually skied at Big Bear and went to beach at Torrey pines on the same day. Oh San Diego, how I miss you!


I found my way back, a little older and a lot smarter travel nurse now.

Hello World, I’m back!  It has been a long time since I wrote last.  I have been on close to 15 travel nursing assignments since I last wrote.  I also took nearly a year off to care for my sick mother.  But, now I am back and hope to stick with this blog this time around.  I learned a lot about the travel nursing world.  I learned how to be a better negotiator, the importance of the first 2 weeks of an assignment, the importance of staying out of the politics on the floor, how to prepare well for a move, how to travel light, and basically how to make the best of a great profession.  I have been to 6 states I never thought I’d visit and have met some amazing people.  I will do my best to recount some of the more interesting personal and professional experiences I’ve had in this line of work and to share some resources I found helpful along the way.  My life has calmed down a lot and I am working an assignment back in Arizona now, quite close to home.  Travel nursing has slowed some it seems in the past few years with the recession but thankfully, I got some great experience under my belt which I think has kept me in assignments – thank goodness.  Here are some of the web resources that have helped me transition from assignment to assignment and from place to place.  I hope they can serve to help you, too.

U-Haul – Rent a moving truck or trailer to get to and from your assignment.

Fuel Cost Calculator – This is a handy site to help budget for your gas if you are driving to your assignment. – Shopping for an agency?  This is the most complete list I’ve found online.

Frommer’s Guide – Use this guide to research travel assignment destinations and points of interest.

Travelocity – I always use this site to book discounted hotel rooms, flights and rental cars.

Apartment Finder – Your housing can make all the difference. Be sure to research your housing options. – This directory is focused on nursing and has a lot of good information.

Yelp – This is a great site with reviews of local restaurants, bars and other businesses.

American Nurse’s Association – Nursing career resource for professional development.