I am loving it! California that is..

Well, I have been here in SoCal for 2 weeks now and I think I have found paradise on Earth.  There is so much to see and do and it is so beautiful that I am a little overwhelmed.  I have spent every day I have off of work at the beach and cruising the coast on highway 1, or “the 1” as they call it here.  I have found some great spots to eat and a couple neat beach side bars, too.  The assignment, has gotten off to a decent start.  Although it was rocky at first, things seem to be coming together.  There was some “confusion” between the hospital and my agency when scheduling my orientation.  I showed up and no one knew I was coming, who I was or what to do with me.  Seems I was given a date 3 days prior to the actual orientation date.  Oh well, that gave me some time to explore.  Then, the “orientation” I got was kind of a joke.  Lots of paperwork and CYA stuff from the facility and little in the way of teaching me their charting system, showing me around and making introductions.  The Unit Manager seems to be good and has been great during the last week orienting me to the unit and their procedures.  The staff nurses seem distant and a couple seem to have a problem with travel nurses.  One asked me what my pay rate is, I was shocked.  Talk about an awkward moment.  Anyway, the agency did well with my housing and I got my first paycheck right on time.  So, this will be fine for another 2.5 months and I am really loving the area.  Maybe I’ll try for another assignment in SoCal, maybe San Diego or even Santa Barbara.  I think travel nursing is going to be a good match for me!


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