I found my way back, a little older and a lot smarter travel nurse now.

Hello World, I’m back!  It has been a long time since I wrote last.  I have been on close to 15 travel nursing assignments since I last wrote.  I also took nearly a year off to care for my sick mother.  But, now I am back and hope to stick with this blog this time around.  I learned a lot about the travel nursing world.  I learned how to be a better negotiator, the importance of the first 2 weeks of an assignment, the importance of staying out of the politics on the floor, how to prepare well for a move, how to travel light, and basically how to make the best of a great profession.  I have been to 6 states I never thought I’d visit and have met some amazing people.  I will do my best to recount some of the more interesting personal and professional experiences I’ve had in this line of work and to share some resources I found helpful along the way.  My life has calmed down a lot and I am working an assignment back in Arizona now, quite close to home.  Travel nursing has slowed some it seems in the past few years with the recession but thankfully, I got some great experience under my belt which I think has kept me in assignments – thank goodness.  Here are some of the web resources that have helped me transition from assignment to assignment and from place to place.  I hope they can serve to help you, too.

U-Haul – Rent a moving truck or trailer to get to and from your assignment.

Fuel Cost Calculator – This is a handy site to help budget for your gas if you are driving to your assignment.

NursingAgencies.us – Shopping for an agency?  This is the most complete list I’ve found online.

Frommer’s Guide – Use this guide to research travel assignment destinations and points of interest.

Travelocity – I always use this site to book discounted hotel rooms, flights and rental cars.

Apartment Finder – Your housing can make all the difference. Be sure to research your housing options.

Nursing-Directory.org – This directory is focused on nursing and has a lot of good information.

Yelp – This is a great site with reviews of local restaurants, bars and other businesses.

American Nurse’s Association – Nursing career resource for professional development.