Why it is important to find a TRUTHFUL travel nurse agency

I can’t believe what I am having to deal with right now.  My agency guaranteed that I would be working day shift only.  Last week, I was informed by my manager that I would need to fill in on some nights.  I DO NOT like working nights and would not have agreed to do so.  Guess what, my manager tells me that my agency KNEW I may well have to fill in on ANY OTHER SHIFT and they did not inform me.  This is really ridiculous.  When I work nights I sleep all day and can’t do anything.  When confronted, my  recruiter said she didn’t know at first, but later said she did know and was told it would be very unlikely.  I have a bad taste in my mouth and am not sure I’ll finish this assignment if they can’t get me back on straight days.  I may need to start shopping agencies again..