What is Travel Nursing

A travel nurse is simply a nurse who works for a travel nursing company.  Being a travel nurse has many advantages as your travel gives you more freedom in terms of when to work and where to work but it can also be tough on your social life as your travel nursing assignments are usually 3 months long.

To become a travel nurse, one simply needs to be a registered nurse with at least 1 year of full time nursing experience in acute care.  Whether you have a specialty does not really matter too much as most travel nursing companies have nursing jobs available for a wide range of nursing specialties. Of course, some specialties are in higher demand than others.  Some of the more sought after specialties include: intensive/critical care, emergency room, labor and delivery and operating room.

There are a good number of reputable travel nursing agencies to choose from that offer hundreds of travel nurse job opportunities at any given time.  If you shop around for a travel nursing company, you will see that most travel nursing agencies offer a similar set of benefits including relocation assistance, paid housing or stipends and licensure reimbursement.

Most people outside of the nursing profession have never heard of a travel nurse but the profession has actually been around since the earyl 1980s and in the past 15 years has really become popular among hospitals and other healthcare facilities.


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