New Assignment in Sunny SoCal!

I just got a new travel assignment in sunny Southern California!  I will be living near Laguna Beach and I am sooo excited.  I am also traveling with a new company, one of the big ones out of CA.  I think they will be good for me because they are based in the area and probably will know more about housing in the area and hopefully can help guide me some, too.  The unit I will be working in is not my favorite (Telemetry) but I think it will be fine for 3 months and the pay is really good.  I will be away from home for Thanksgiving this year, so that will be a little strange, but I can’t wait to see the coast, lie on the beach, and try out California restaurants and night life.  I leave in 3 days and have so much to do.  No time for California Dreamin’.  It’s soon going to be a reality!

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